ICW Ethics Bowl

The Ethics Bowl is a free event and open to the public.

Event Details and Date

The 2015 ICW Ethics Bowl will be held Friday, April 17, 2015 on campus at Seattle Pacific University.

The Ethics Bowl is a free event and open to the public.

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The 2015 ICW Ethics Bowl will showcase ICW student achievement, testing their skills and abilities as critical thinkers, problem solvers, and communicators. Developing these skills is an integral part of a liberal arts education and ICW student success.

Partnering to provide students with educational opportunity, choice, and success is central to the work of ICW. For this reason, in April 2012, ICW’s board of directors chose an ethics bowl competition as the main event to mark 60 years of serving the 10 nonprofit liberal arts colleges and universities in Washington state. After an extremely successful first year in 2014, ICW's board decided to continue the Ethics Bowl event.

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What is an Ethics Bowl?

The 2015 ICW Ethics Bowl will be a full-day, judged competition among our 10 member colleges designed to showcase ICW students’ knowledge of applied ethics as a hallmark of their college experience at an ICW member institution.

Each college will send a team of up to five students to debate in a competitive setting, using prepared cases which explore real or hypothetical ethical issues relevant to our modern world.

Click here to watch a video of one of the ICW Ethics Bowl team advisors talking about how ethics bowl students use their expertise and their reasoning and deliberation skills as they learn how to engage people on contrversial ethical issues in the workplace.

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Goals and Outcomes

ICW Goals

  • Showcase students’ abilities to apply ethics to everyday challenges as future leaders in their own communities and places of business.
  • Increase visibility of ICW institutions as places where critical and analytical thinking is encouraged and social responsibility and accountability is instilled.
  • Engage the statewide science, technology and business communities as collaborators in key phases of event organization and as financial partners/sponsors.


Outcomes for Students

The future we want for our world and the next generation of leaders is an ethical one.

Ethics Bowls teach:

  • How to think systematically and critically - Students examine complex cases where there are competing values and learn how to discern the most important considerations in each case. This practice equips our future leaders to make informed, thoughtful, and difficult decisions.
  • Real world application of ethical theory - Students apply classroom theory to real situations, learn how it can guide action, and understand how practical considerations can strengthen their argument.
  • Respect - Students learn how to have conversations about difficult issues in a way that shows respect for each other as human beings. The experience helps students learn how to demonstrate civility and respectful disagreement, and find ways to work together across differences.
  • Click here to learn more about the students participating in the 2015 ICW Ethics Bowl.

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    Contact Us

    For more information about the 2015 ICW Ethics Bowl, including available volunteer opportunities and event sponsorship, please contact:

    Anne Cassidy, Vice President for Advancement Services
    Anne@ICWashington.org, 206-623-4494