McNaughton Award

Created in 1999 by the ICW Board of Directors, ICW’s highest award is named in honor of a director and a founder of Independent Colleges of Washington, Stanley O. McNaughton. This award recognizes companies, legislators, and leaders that have demonstrated passion for and commitment to Washington’s independent colleges and universities.

2016: Alaska Airlines

During the past 75 years Alaska Airlines has grown from a small regional airline to an international carrier with more than 17 million customers a year.  With a service area that spans over sixty cities and 3 countries, Alaska’s fleet of Boeing aircraft is one of the most modern in the industry and helps sustain the company’s long standing reputation for outstanding service.

Alaska’s Horizon Air now serves more than 45 cities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alberta and is recognized as one of the leading regional airlines in the country.

Guided by integrity, caring, ingenuity, professionalism, and a unique spirit, Alaska has achieved a long list of aviation milestones, paired with countless stories going above and beyond to help others.

One of those stories is Alaska’s contributions to the Independent Colleges of Washington (ICW) and in turn to the students of ICW member colleges. During the past 37 years, Alaska has been one of ICW’s most loyal and supportive donors, providing cash and in-kind gifts of airline tickets collectively surpassing $2.8 million dollars.  Alaska was also an important sponsor of the 2016 Ethics Bowl.

In recognition of this exceptional record of giving, and in acknowledgment of the generosity that is behind it, the Board of Directors of ICW takes great pride in awarding one of our own “home town” companies – Alaska Airlines – the 2016 Stanley O. McNaughton Leadership Award. This award is reserved for those individuals or organizations who have demonstrated exceptional support for the mission of helping Washington students attend independent colleges and universities. Alaska and the people who work for it clearly meet and exceed this criterion.


2015: U.S. Senator Patty Murray

In recognition of her ongoing support of college students and ICW colleges, U.S. Senator Patty Murray was awarded the 2015 Stanley O. McNaughton Leadership Award.

2013-14: PACCAR Inc

In celebration of ICW’s 60th Anniversary, PACCAR Inc was given the Founding Partner Award at 60th Anniversary Dinner on April 5, 2015.

ICWs first donation was from PACCAR on March 31, 1954, and has continued to support students through ICW every year for 60 years. PACCAR’s gifts, totalling nearly $3 million dollars, have enhanced the quality of the colleges and extended leadership opportunities for students through scholarships. PACCAR has also supported ICW through of the service of executives on the ICW Board of Directors. Receiving the award was CEO Ron Armstrong.

2012: US Bank

The Independent Colleges of Washington presented the 2012 Stanley O. McNaughton Leadership Award to U.S. Bank at a luncheon ceremony on April 8, 2013 at Saint Martin’s University.

U.S. Bank began contributing to ICW in 1979 with a gift of $5,000 and continues to support independent higher education in Washington by providing generous named scholarships at all 10 ICW member colleges and universities each year. U.S. Bank was one of the first contributors to the new Matched College Savings Program (MCSP), launched in 2012. Countless students across Washington have benefitted from U.S. Bank’s gifts, which total over $1.8 million.

2011: Senator Steve Conway (D – South Tacoma)

Senator Steve Conway has been a strong supporter for Washington’s independent institutions of higher education. Conway was a key advocate in 2011 for allowing students at independent colleges to retain vital financial aid through the State Need Grant program. He was also the prime sponsor of a 2006 law providing limited property tax relief to non-profit colleges and universities. Press Release (PDF)

2010: The Anderson Foundation

The Anderson Foundation began contributing to ICW in 1962 with its first gift of $100. The Foundation continues its support of independent higher education in Washington state, with gifts for student scholarships totaling over $700,000.

2009: Senator Mike Hewett (R – Walla Walla)

A longtime supporter of independent education, Sen. Hewitt demonstrated strong leadership and support for students by being the key voice in a successful effort in 2009 to turn back a proposal to freeze financial aid for students attending private colleges.

2008: The Wollenberg Foundation

For 49 years, the Wollenberg Foundation has provided much needed resources to help students choose an independent college.

2007: Bob Craves

Craves, a passionate advocate for students, managed contributions at Costco, led the HEC Board, and started the College Success Foundation, taking each organization to new focus on student access to college.

2006: Alaska Airlines

For 28 years, Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air has provided cash and in-kind gifts of tickets to ICW. Total giving over that time has surpassed $1.7 million, and helped colleges in recruitment and fundraising efforts.

2005: Margarita Prentice, State Senator (D – Renton)

Prentice’s strong student-focused priority in higher education and outspoken support for the needs of low-income students, resulted in the State Need Grant program saw a $70 million increase.

2004: Fluke Corporation

Fluke has given cash and new equipment for the research laboratories on ICW campuses for more than 40 years, totaling more than $2.1 million.

2003: Dino Rossi, State Senator (R – Sammamish)

Rossi increased student aid to keep the doors of college open for the most needy and vigorously fought proposals that would have hurt the independence of the colleges.

2002: PACCAR Inc

PACCAR Inc, ICW’s first donor, with its first gift of $5,000, has contributed more than $2 million for general operating needs and special programs.

2001: Ken Jacobsen, State Senator (D – Seattle)

Jacobsen’s advocacy for students helped create the Educational Opportunity Grant program and several other student aid programs.

2000: The Boeing Company

From their first gift of $12,000 in 1955, Boeing contributed more than $9 million to ICW for general operating needs for the independent colleges.

1999: Tom Huff, State Representative (R – Gig Harbor)

Huff’s commitment to providing opportunity and choice resulted in a 66 percent increase in student aid funding.

Stanley O. McNaughton

Stanley O. McNaughtonMcNaughton was an outstanding community leader, deeply respected by all who knew him for his strong convictions and commitments. He was a consummate leader in the community and advocate for independent higher education and other organizations dedicated to preparing young people for meaningful lives and careers. His vision laid the foundation for ICW in 1952 and he remained an advocate for the organization’s mission until his death in 1998.

Over the 45 years he was involved with independent colleges, McNaughton kept the organization focused on its mission and, serving as an example, was a generous contributor personally and professionally through PEMCO. There have been few people with such a strong passion for the work of the independent colleges and universities.