2017 Ethics Bowl

For the past three years, ICW has been supporting an academic enrichment program—grounded in ethics—that culminates in a two half-day competition benefiting all 10 member colleges and universities. It has become very popular among students and within our shared communities.  It is an epic battle of wits! Showcasing future workforce talent—and always civil.

The ICW Ethics Bowl brings together student teams from each college who debate ethics issues in the form of cases. The teams spend months preparing. This academic year the Ethics Bowl will be held on the Seattle University campus April 23 and 24, 2017.



What is an Ethics Bowl?

The ICW Ethics Bowl is a full year academic enrichment program culminating to a multi-round competition among student teams from our 10 member colleges and universities. Each ICW college prepares and sends a team of up to five students to debate in a collegial setting, using cases that explore real ethical issues relevant to modern times.

The teams are scored during the debates by a panel of volunteer judges made up of corporate executives, local celebrities, and community leaders. After a series of five rounds, a winning team is declared.

“I am glad there is an event to talk about current ethical issues with other smart people in a competitive atmosphere. I really enjoyed the speaker at lunch and the opportunity to network with judges after the Ethics Bowl.” – Student

Participant and Volunteer Details

Go to ICWashington.org/ethics-bowl/participants

Contact Us

For more information about the ICW Ethics Bowl, including available volunteer opportunities and event sponsorship, please contact: Kris Gonzales, Director of Development Kris@ICWashington.org, 206-623-4494