Meet the 2016 Teams

Student Teams are currently forming at each of our member colleges



Gonzaga University

GU - EB Team

(Left to right): Oliver M, Alyssa B, Macklen S, Paige S, Mark O, Logan M
Coach: Erik Schmidt, Associate Professor of Philosophy


Heritage University

HU - EB Team

(Left to right): Felipe A, Dalia R, Brittany L, Ron Hodge (Coach, Reference Librarian/Assistant Professor), Murry H, Jose S


Pacific Lutheran University

PLU - EB Team

(Left to right): LaCrystal W, Cornelia K, Mike Schleeter (Coach, Assistant Professor of Philosophy), Calli N, Ashley M


Saint Martin’s University

SMU - EB Team

Coach: Fr. David Pratt,  Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Coach: Michael Artime, Senior Instructor, Extended Learning Division


Seattle Pacific University

SPU - EB Team

(Left to right): Briana C, Jason H, Kelsey T, Sam F, McClintock M

Coach: Leland Saunders, Assistant Professor of Philosophy


Seattle University

SU - EB Team

(Top row. Left to right): Martin M, Hana S, Jon C, Melissa S, John G

(Bottom row. Left to right): Benjamin Howe (Coach, Lecturer in Philosophy at the Matteo Ricci College), Garrett S, Taneum F, Madeline A


University of Puget Sound

UPS - EB Team

(Back row. Left to right): Eileen M, Kayla G, Nathaniel B, Brittney H, Ariela Tubert, Associate Professor of Philosophy (Coach)

(Front row. Left to right): Rae N, Hannah E, Peter O


Walla Walla University

WWU - EB Team

(Back row, Left to right):  Matthew H, Brennan S, Brennan H, Daniel V, Montgomery Buell (Coach, Associate Professor of History), Hannah T, Karen Clausen-Brown (Coach), Brandan P

(Front row, Left to right):  Linda Emmerson (Coach), Acacia C., Sara B., Angelica C., Sarah P., Eryn H.


Whitman College

WC - Ethics Bowl Team

(Left to right): Gillian G, Mira S, Lauren W, Flora S, Erick F, Nick M, Emma T

Coach: Patrick Frierson, Associate Professor of Philosophy


Whitworth University

Coach: Keith D. Wyma, PhD Associate Professor of Philosophy