McNaughton Award

Created in 1999 by the ICW Board of Directors, ICW’s highest award is named in honor of a director and a founder of Independent Colleges of Washington, Stanley O. McNaughton. This award recognizes companies, legislators, and leaders that have demonstrated passion for and commitment to Washington’s independent colleges and universities.

2019: Nordstrom, Inc.

The 2017 Stanley O. McNaughton Leadership Award was given to Nordstrom, Inc. in recognition of their unwavering commitment to community, service excellence, and quality.

“For the past 50 years, Nordstrom has been taking care of our communities by investing in higher education. Through annual scholarships, Nordstrom Cares has made college a reality for more than 700 students across all 10 of our member campuses,” said Terri Standish-Kuon, president and CEO of ICW. “It is our great privilege to recognize Nordstrom among the distinguished supporters of independent colleges in Washington.”


Stanley O. McNaughton

Stanley O. McNaughtonMcNaughton was an outstanding community leader, deeply respected by all who knew him for his strong convictions and commitments. He was a consummate leader in the community and advocate for independent higher education and other organizations dedicated to preparing young people for meaningful lives and careers. His vision laid the foundation for ICW in 1952 and he remained an advocate for the organization’s mission until his death in 1998.

Over the 45 years he was involved with independent colleges, McNaughton kept the organization focused on its mission and, serving as an example, was a generous contributor personally and professionally through PEMCO. There have been few people with such a strong passion for the work of the independent colleges and universities.