MS2 Student Success Stories

Completing Degrees and Powering Economies

The information I have learned is not readily accessible to everyone, especially those who come from low-income backgrounds as I did. Please continue this work. I appreciate you—and anticipate a day where I can pay it forward.”

-Tahsheanna ’19, Apparel Design



In 2018, thanks to the support from partners like you, more than 36 students across four member campuses are closer to achieving their dream: completing college and being workforce-ready! The 2019 class currently sits at 51 student savers across six member campuses.

The ICW Matched Student Savings (MS2) program—an IDA asset building tool—provides underrepresented and low-income students attending a 4-year independent nonprofit college in Washington with equitable access and financial incentives to stay in college and complete their education.


“Speaking on behalf of my family, coming from a single parent household of six, receiving financial aid and MS2 has been an amazing opportunity. I feel the need to give back and show other students it is possible to go to college when you do not have money.”         

-Tony ’20, Business




“It is my dream to obtain my nursing license, work on a delivery unit, and change the current mortality statistics, one birth at a time.”

-Karen ’19, Nursing 



“I am in my early 40s and it is important to me to avoid the same poor financial decisions my family made growing up. I strive to be a great mom to my 10-year-old son and make our future brighter. The MS2 program gave me several classes to help me become wiser in managing my money and financial health.”

-Tierza ’19, Exercise Science





“Without MS2 and the financial training I received, I wouldn’t have been able to go to college and fulfill my dreams.”                                  

-Emanuel ’21, Bio Medical Sciences




to this program… I have avoided completely taking out any student loans… and can now fully focus on helping better my other siblings reach their full potential.”

-Sheridan ’20, Biology & Education



“The MS2 has helped make it easier to afford a secondary education and focus more on my academics. I want to thank you all so much on what you have done for my family and me. Neither my siblings nor I would have been able to afford a college education without your support. I hope that this program will continue to help other students just like me!”          

-Tracey ’20, Biology


“I hope to help be a positive role model to my future students in my future classroom. This program has helped me be able to have more financial freedom and graduate from a private institution with less than
$15,000 in student loans. I would like to say thank you so much for donating to a cause that is often forgotten, but extremely important.”

-Alexandra ’19, Elementary Education



“I will be always be involved with MS2 if there is one in my community and share my story of how MS2 was important in my education and helped me to be successful.” 

-Yeshi ’19, Social Work



The ICW Matched Student Savings program has the potential to expand—and significantly enhance—opportunities for low-income students to participate more fully in the investment of their education and workforce.

The need is great. Across our 10 member campuses, more than 5,900 eligible students would benefit from a guaranteed investment and healthy habit of savings to fulfill their dreams.