Student Stories

Behind every enrollment there is a story of a student eager to learn and contribute.

There are 40,000 such stories among our 10 member colleges. Here are a few students who have volunteered to share their story with you…

Student Aid All-Stars

State financial aid is often discussed in multi-million dollar increments. While figures and facts can illustrate the importance of these programs in increasing access, affordability and capacity, individual students can relate their personal success and hope for the future.

At ICW member colleges, all recipients of the State Need Grant are low-income, and all are Washington residents. Over 80% are first-generation, non-white, over 24 years old, or transfer students. They make up 20% of the undergraduate student body at ICW institutions. All are an investment in Washington’s future.

The Student Aid All-Stars below represent the thousands of students receiving the Washington State Need Grant attending an ICW member institution. All receive other financial aid, including federal Pell Grants, work-study, loans and institutional aid.

Students making up the Student Aid All-Star teams can be viewed in detail on Facebook by visiting this link: 2018 ICW All-Star Album


ICW Alumni All-Stars

These Alumni All-Stars represent just a handful of the many hundred thousands of successful graduates from our ten member colleges. Over 200,000 ICW Alumni have chosen to call Washington home, joining the nearly 40,000 students who attend our ten member colleges each year.

The entire ICW Alumni All-Star team can be viewed by clicking the image below or downloaded as PDF’s: 3-up, single cards